Speech of President


Since its inception, Biosino has blossomed in the wake of policy reforms, weathering economic turbulence to become a forerunner in China's exploration of the biological industry. Rooted in the Chinese Academy of Sciences with its great wealth of scientific and technological innovation, Biosino's products serve as a concrete endorsement of the hard work and skill of Chinese biotechnology workers, and also as a symbol of future health for the Chinese people.

At Biosino, we value the integration of individual ideas together with thinking as a team. It is essential that we understand the strength of working together. We need to recognize the differences that exist in our methods and approaches and to be open-minded in considering each other's work. This rests upon respect for friends and colleagues as well as a desire to bring benefit to the company and society. We hope that this dynamic concept affirms the individual value of each member of staff and encourages each employee to strive for even greater achievements in the future

On behalf of Biosino, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the leaders, customers and members of the press who have faithfully supported the company over these past years of growth and development. We will continue to uphold a spirit of cooperation, professionalism, innovation and enterprise in our business, so as to carry out our mission to bring benefit to society. Together we look forward to seeing Biosino grow in strength and size, working with integrity and unity to meet new challenges, seize new opportunities and create a new tomorrow.