BioSino visit to Bulgaria and Ukraine with China delegation(2013-11-29)

 September 16-23, 2013, Chinese Medicines delegation led by Meng Dongping, vice president of Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines & Health Products visited Bulgaria and Ukraine. As one of two Chinese medical device companies participated, BioSino represented in "Chinese medicine promotion and exchanges" in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, respectively. BioSino made a promotion and negotiation in the "China Pharmaceutical Products Fair". Vice president Meng Dongping spoke frankly and pragmatically at the meeting, which caused a resonance from the audience. BioSino President and CEO Mr. Wu addressed as the representative of Chinese enterprises.

Chinese delegation was composed of 28 people from 16 pharmaceutical companies, including two professional pharmaceutical trade companies, 14 pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises and 2 medical equipment manufacturing enterprises. The aim is to propagate the achievements of our country in the field of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical manufacturing level, and build a standardized and reliable platform for the cooperation and exchanges of the enterprises between Sino-Bulgaria and Sino-Ukraine. It is the first large Chinese pharmaceutical delegation to Bulgaria and Ukraine, which caused great concern to the pharmaceutical industry between the two countries. Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria and Ukraine, the Ministry of Commerce and other Chinese government officials and security, Ministry of Health of the two countries, Economic and Energy, the Food and Drug Administration, the Ministry of marketing authorization, Chamber of Commerce and other government officials and more than 200 pharmaceutical professionals from the two countries participated and spoke at the meeting. During the visit, played videos elaborated by CCCMHPIE, the pharmaceutical industry of two countries was impressed by the achievements of Chinese medicine industrial scale and internationalization. To express their willingness to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China enterprises in the field of medicine and health.

BioSino discussed and exchanged with nearly 120 pharmaceutical distributors and purchasers as well as pharmaceutical government officials from the two countries. The enterprises attended were very interested in BioSino IVD products with the superiority of raw materials, thereafter the negotiation was efficient and reached a lot of cooperation intention. The opportunity of the international cooperation and exchanges has laid a good foundation for BioSino products entering into larger markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.