BioSino Obtained Technical Achievement of Flow Cytometer

 In August 2016, the National 863 Plan key project" New Medical Flow Cytometer Development" gained national acceptance.On August 19, "Flow Cytometer" technology transfer signing ceremony was held in Suzhou, and BioSino obtained the research achievement.

"Flow Cytometer" project is an key 863 project undertook by Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Techonlogy, Chinese Academy of Science. Flow Cytometer is an high-tech instrument with advanced technologies and achievements in many fields, such as laser technology, computer technology, fluid mechanics, weak signal processing technology, cell chemistry and biological probe technology.It is capable of rapidlly measuring cells' size, internal structure , DNA, RNA, protein, antigen and etc,and classifying accordingly.Its sample flux is 10000 cells per second.Flow Cytometer is regarded as "CT" in biological laboratory.
The patented technologies adopted on this Flow Cytometer, such as micro fluidic and optical objective,reached international level in terms of fluorescence sensitivity, linearity, resolution and other indicators.Over 200 clinical trials have proved that the correlation coefficient between the clustering results of this Flow Cytometer and those of BD, Beckman and other internationally well-known products is 0.99, while its size is only one-third of same products abroad and it weighs just half of them. This Flow Cytometer can be used for stem cell counting and activity analysis, cell surface molecular detection, soluble protein detection, food detection, environmental monitoring and biological agent detection, etc.